Those who truly change the world have a story. What’s yours?

So what’s yours?

How do you find it and then tell it?

For as Jeff Bullas says, in another of his insightful blogs, even the smallest idea can become a big story. The secret to success is in its telling.

And having a story, a really compelling one, takes you one step closer to customers, partners, investors and employees buying into you and your business, in preference to your rivals.

Your story is something that is fundamentally unique – because it is yours alone. And that makes it special. Tell it simply – and concisely. It’s not your life story or everything you’ve ever done. It’s your business story.

I’m not sure that I’m changing the world – yet! But my story started in a coffee shop, while I was on maternity leave. I’m not good at sitting still and my brain rarely shuts off. I decided to try and write a book. So while my children slept in the pram, I sat and tapped into my trusty iPad.

While around me, so much business took place.

Everyone seemed to be solving problems, helping each other, bargaining time and expertise, forging new deals. I loved the empowering, vibrant and collaborative environment.

And I realised that I knew the answers to a lot of the questions and problems being mulled over. And that I could help. And I knew others who could help too. And I wanted to find a way for us all to collaborate together to solve those problems and to really make a difference.

And I never did finish that particular book, because an idea took seed. And it became too niggling and insistent to ignore.

So as my children progressed to nursery and school age, I realised that there was a digital opportunity for the form of this help. Because although I could click, swipe, tap, command and customise almost every other household, business and family need during my commute from nursery and school to my office, nobody offered that same experience for the help being sought by all those business folks in the coffee shop. This was the real opportunity.

You can read more about how the school-run convinced me that legal services had to change in a blog that I wrote in connection with the first legaltech brand, elXtr, that I founded while working as an intrapreneur for a legal and insurance business.

For me, that was just the beginning. And my own story continues as I make the slightly scary but very exciting transition from legaltech intrapreneur to legaltech entrepreneur, in control of what I now create and how far it can be shared.

Because for me, it’s not enough to make a small difference, to help only a few and to collaborate only a little bit, while charging a lot. I didn’t come this far and get so close, to build something limited. I might not end up changing the world with what comes next, but I’m sure as heck going to give it my best shot!

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