img_0240From intrapreneur to entrepreneur …

I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I have always had an innate (some might say rebellious), need to make things better and simpler. And a fierce curiosity when it comes to exploring new things and places.

So… having spent 20 years as a businesswoman and lawyer in a variety of really great roles for world class brands and several award-winning corporate-owned startups, I’m finally feeling brave enough to attempt the transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur. I’ve had this ambition for a little while now. In 2007, I was a core member of the team that launched internationally, the De Beers group’s Forevermark diamond trustmark business. More recently in 2015, I designed, launched and directed the elXtr digital legal solutions brand for the legal services business owned by insurers, Abbey Legal Protection.

And in the late spring of 2017, I took the first steps towards founding my own legaltech business, Farillio, in collaboration with some amazing and already successful startup brands and some really forward-thinking established businesses too. I’m excited because I see this as a huge opportunity (and responsibility) to finally make a real and meaningful difference to the UK startup and small business community. One that I’ve been passionate about for a long time.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. We’re launching in Spring 2018. Meanwhile, the site here is dedicated to my own personal learnings and observations on business, leadership, technology and talent development. I’ll also be sharing many of the tips, wise words and practical advice that lots of my role models, entrepreneurial and business peers (and even my kids!) have shared with me along my own journey to making a difference and continuing to be disruptive for the good of others.

I hope you enjoy the content. By all means share it and do let me know what you think… because blogging is just as much pic ‘n’ mix as life, made to personalise, to share and enjoy!